Pregnancy Safety: Winter Edition

Winter, with its brisk air and icy conditions, brings on a whole new set of challenges for pregnant women. Not only are the streets a bit slicker and more treacherous, but it’s also a time when nearly everyone around is sneezing and sniffling. Here are some things you can do to protect yourself and your baby during the cold winter months.

Invest in snow boots and waterproof outerwear. It’s important to proceed with caution when you have to go outside. Snow boots with a well-constructed grip will help to prevent falls, while waterproof accessories will help keep you warm and dry. If you have to size up to fit your pregnancy figure, it’s worth the investment to stay safe and warm.

Wear Layers

Accessories are your friend. While being pregnant naturally keeps you warmer, it’s important to layer on protective and warm accessories such as hats, gloves and thick socks.


Combat dry skin by using mild soap and make sure to use a body moisturizer after showering. Additionally, be sure to use a face moisturizer with SPF that contains vitamins and protein.

Wash Hands Frequently

Increased illness around you calls for more hand washing with soap and warm water to get rid of germs.

Drink Herbal Tea

Decaf, herbal tea will not only help you keep warm, but it can also help your immune system stay strong.

Ask for Help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. As you already know, pregnancy causes increased fatigue. It’s not uncommon to be extra tired during the dreary winter months. If you’re too tired to cook, clean or run errands, ask friends and family to lend a helping hand.

Rest often

To help conserve energy, be sure to allow yourself to nap, and take it easy when you can. That being said, don’t stay in bed for too long despite how cozy it can be. It’s still important to get fresh air and move around.

Don’t let the winter months get you down. Instead, think of it as a time of extra rest and relaxation. Before you know it, spring will have sprung and you can get back to walks in the sun, perhaps with a stroller in tow!