Gold Medal Care

Erin Kane and Sophie

At 13-years-old Sophie was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy. Her pediatric provider, Erin Kane, CRNP of UPMC CCP – South Hills Pediatric Associates, went above and beyond to help us understand the diagnosis and to help Sophie navigate the social aspects of the temporary paralysis in her face.

When Sophie expressed concern about not being able to smile at an upcoming gymnastics competition, Erin wrote a letter to the judges explaining the situation. Erin even called Sophie the morning of the event to check on her and wish her good luck!

Erin’s extra effort gave Sophie the confidence to go out and do her best – and win the overall gold medal…which she gave to Erin as a thank you for her care and support during a difficult time. Thank you Erin…your kindness made a big impact.

Sophie, UPMC Children’s Community Pediatrics – South Hills Pediatric Associates

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