Newborn Services

For soon-to-be and new parents.

Head-to-Toe helping families growBeing a parent isn’t the easiest role you’ll ever have. But it can be the most rewarding. When it comes to raising a happy and healthy family, let UPMC Children’s Community Pediatrics (CCP) be your resources for care, information and support – through every stage of your child’s life.

Our guidance begins before birth, with our free, in-office Baby Basics classes that overviews pregnancy, labor and delivery, and the first year at home. If you choose to breastfeed, we also offer Lactation Consulting education and support.

UPMC CCP is here for you day or night. Whether we see your child in-office, speak with you after-hours through our 24/7 nurse advice line, provide online access to our Health Resources Library or connect with you through daily posts on social media, rest assured, we’ve got you covered.

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Baby Basics Video Series

Prepare for your newborn by watching our Baby Basics video series. Check out the highlighted videos below or view the entire library