Childproofing Your Home

When your baby begins to crawl, it is quite an important milestone. While exciting, it’s also a time of risk. Be sure to plan ahead and childproof each room of your home ahead of time to ensure that potentially dangerous household items are out of reach.


Make sure that all-purpose cleaners, draining products and bleach are out of reach. It’s also important to keep personal hygiene products out of reach, including mouth wash, nail polish remover, cosmetics, perfume and shaving cream. If you store medicines in your bathroom, keep them in a locked cabinet that your child can’t access.


Keep all cleaning products out of reach. If you have alcohol in the house, consider storing it in a locked cabinet high above ground level. Always empty any unfinished drinks immediately. It’s possible that your child might dig into the trash can, which can include all sorts of small hazardous objects and spoiled food. Invest in a child-resistant cover to help prevent this.

Living Room

Many houseplants can be harmful. Do your research on poisonous plants and make sure to look up details on any plants you currently have. It’s best to keep houseplants out of reach. Clean sweep any small objects laying around such as batteries, screws, beads and buttons. You may also want to consider covering any sharp edges on furniture, in case your child falls or runs into something.


Though it’s unlikely your child will make it to the basement or the garage, it’s still important to hide harmful items including antifreeze, gasoline and any insecticides. Additionally, make sure any sharp tools or devices (i.e. lawn mowers, etc.) are covered up or stored elsewhere.

For additional questions about childproofing, talk to your pediatric provider for guidance.