Teaching Family Values

In today’s challenging landscape, we must put our best foot forward to instill positive values in our kids. By teaching values early on, your child is much more likely to make good decisions in life and put thought into his or her actions. Here are a few values to consider.

1. Love

You know what they say… “love makes the world go ‘round.” Teach your child to love thy neighbor regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation. It is more important than ever to accept people as they are.

2. Consideration

Teach your child to consider the feelings of others. Maybe your child is a bit outspoken at times. Explain to them that not everyone has the same thought process, and some may take words and actions more harshly than others.

3. Honesty

The act of being honest goes a long way. Teach your child to always be honest, even when they’ve done wrong. It is better to admit to our faults and move past them than to carry guilt.

4. Forgiveness

Unfortunately, life involves many challenges and disappointments. Explain to your child that human beings aren’t perfect and we all make mistakes. It’s important to hear others out and to forgive them after they’ve done wrong.

5. Perseverance

Remind your child that the things they want will not always be handed to them. In life, you have to work towards what you want to accomplish. Some things take more time and effort than others. Explain the importance of working hard and resisting the urge to give up when the going gets tough.

After talking to your child about these values and others that are important to your family, invite them to add their own ideas to the list. By setting a positive example, your child will exude positivity and will likely attract like-minded friends as they continue to learn and grow.