Going Beyond a Standard Well Visit

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My children have been patients of UPMC Children's Community Pediatrics – Mt. Lebanon since 1983. There have been many ear infections and sore throats over the years, but it was a well visit that changed everything. My son, Rob, went to see Dr. Gotkiewicz in late June 2012.

As he was doing his testing, he noticed a heart murmur in Rob that he had never heard before. We saw a pediatric cardiologist who could not hear the murmur, but gave us a holster to take home. After a few days, we found out that there was mild swelling in his left ventricle. Three other specialists listened to Rob’s heart, but none of them could hear the murmur that Dr. Gotkiewicz did. We had immense trust in Dr. Gotkiewicz and believed in his diagnosis.

And it turned out he was right. The other doctors were all amazed that he was able to detect it with just a stethoscope – but he did. We are very thankful to Dr. Gotkiewicz for discovering this problem. Had he not, Rob would have been going about life as usual and may not have given his heart the chance to recover from this virus.

Angela, UPMC Children's Community Pediatrics – Mt. Lebanon

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