Providing Support at Each Visit

O’Rorke Family: Aug 2017

My oldest child, Rocco, had his 4-year well visit the same day my youngest child came home from the hospital. My husband had to take Rocco to his appointment by himself as a result.

One of the questions we had for Dr. Gatial was about a bump we noticed on Rocco's head. Dr. Gatial ordered an X-ray that revealed a protrusion and thinning on Rocco's skull. This led to a series of tests and neurosurgeon visits all during the very emotional time of bringing home a new baby.

Dr. Gatial helped us make appointments, kept us updated immediately, and provided support for us. He listened while I cried and was a true friend to us. We love Dr. Gatial and we are truly grateful for him, not just during this difficult time, but also for all of our appointments. I really value his opinion. Thankfully my son's skull issue was an arachnoid cyst and shouldn't cause him any problems moving forward.

Laura, UPMC Children's Community Pediatrics – Wexford

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