Providing Support at Each Visit

O’Rorke Family: Aug 2017

My oldest child, Rocco, had his 4-year well visit the same day my youngest child came home from the hospital. My husband had to take Rocco to his appointment by himself as a result.

One of the questions we had for Dr. Gatial was about a bump we noticed on Rocco's head. Dr. Gatial ordered an X-ray that revealed a protrusion and thinning on Rocco's skull. This led to a series of tests and neurosurgeon visits all during the very emotional time of bringing home a new baby.

Dr. Gatial helped us make appointments, kept us updated immediately, and provided support for us. He listened while I cried and was a true friend to us. We love Dr. Gatial and we are truly grateful for him, not just during this difficult time, but also for all of our appointments. I really value his opinion. Thankfully my son's skull issue was an arachnoid cyst and shouldn't cause him any problems moving forward.

Laura, UPMC Children's Community Pediatrics – Wexford

For Angela’s family, a routine well visit and a close examination changed their son’s life.
Kris appreciates UPMC CCP’s pediatricians and their willingness to help her just as much as they help her daughter.
Julie is always thrilled to have a knowledge, sweet nurse answering her questions and concerns.