LGBTQ+ Youth Resources

Gender and sexual identity development is something that affects all of us – whether you are exploring your identity or trying to help someone else to navigate it in a healthy way. UPMC advocates an informative and supportive culture for patients and their families as the navigate gender and sexual development, especially for LGBTQ+ youth. Having access to accurate information and feeling supported by your pediatric practice is an important step in this journey.

Questions Your Provider May Ask You

  • What name do you prefer and what pronouns do you use?
  • Do you feel comfortable in your body?
  • What is your gender identity?
  • What is your sexual orientation?
  • Are the relationships in your life (romantic, friend, parents) healthy, or do some seem unhealthy or problematic?

Things You Need to Know About Your Doctor’s Office

  • This is a safe space to talk about gender and sexual development
  • You can ask to speak with the provider without parents in the room – just ask “can I have some privacy?”
  • You have the right to and expectation of confidentiality. What this means is that you can share your sexual orientation, gender expression, and pronouns with your doctor without fear that your parents will be told.
  • You can ask your doctor about topics such as safe sex, birth control, and more – either questions you have or places where you can get more accurate information on these topics.
  • Seek gender-affirming care if you do not identify as cisgender. If you do not feel that your current provider supports or understands your gender identity, it’s important to find one who does. Times you may want to switch providers: if your provider continues to misgender you, makes assumptions about your sexual identity, and if you feel like you’re educating them rather than working with them on your health concerns.

For additional information, definitions, FAQs, and other resources on healthy exploration of sexual and gender identity, you can utilize some of the following resources:

For Both Kids and Parents