Encouraging Healthy Self-Esteem

Your child will go through many changes and ups and downs as they grow. Those changes can be a lot easier on your child when he or she is comfortable with themselves and has positive self-esteem. There are many ways you can encourage healthy self-esteem by setting a good example.

Be a Role Model

No one is perfect, but how you handle conflict matters. When something goes wrong, for instance stress at work, or you forget to do something around the house, always show that you have a solution to the problem versus giving up. Try to remain calm and practice optimism. Your child will take after you.

Praise Effort, Not Just Accomplishments

You should always cheer your child on while he or she is working toward something. Whether that’s learning a new song on the piano, practicing for a track meet or studying for a big test. Trying and making an effort are just as impressive as the end result.

Encourage Extracurricular Activities

Never force your child to do something they don’t want to, but listen to their interests. Whether it’s dance class, a sport or painting, having somewhere to be in a group setting goes a long way for your child feeling accepted and positive. Particularly if it involves doing something that they’re passionate about with other like-minded people.

Don’t Do Everything for Them

The more your child meets challenges on his or her own the more he or she will learn the coping mechanisms necessary to pull through. This not only builds confidence but allows your child to become more independent. So the next time they can’t decide what to wear, encourage them to keep trying and put something on they feel good in.

If your child continues to struggle with self-esteem issues, talk to your pediatric provider for pointers.