Helping Your Child Manage Their Asthma

Living with asthma can be frustrating for your child, and at times embarrassing. There are many ways to help your child with asthma live as normal of a life as possible. Make sure you have a plan for both in and out of your home to help prevent and treat asthma attacks.

Managing Asthma at Home

Remove as many asthma triggers in your home as possible.

  • Dust floors and surfaces often
  • Avoid pollen-producing house plants
  • Check for mold regularly
  • Avoid overly-fragrant perfumes
  • Keep household cleaners stowed away
  • Keep pets clean and out of child’s bedroom
  • Keep windows shut when possible to avoid pollen or polluted air (especially when levels are high)
  • Avoid smoking in the house

Managing Asthma at School

Whether your child is at school or a friend's house, ensure that all supervisory adults have been instructed on how to administer asthma medication.

  • Teach your child how and when to use medication/inhaler
  • Communicate with all supervisory adults about medication
  • Give your child an emergency contact list to carry with them
  • Encourage your child to inform their friends about their asthma
  • Discuss your child’s diagnosis, triggers and treatment plan with the school nurse and supply  asthma medication and spacer (or supplies?) as needed 
  • Look for asthma triggers in the classroom and work with the school to limit them

For any questions or concerns about childhood asthma, talk to your UPMC Children's Community Pediatrics provider.