Transition to Adult Care

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Prepare for What Comes Next

Learn how you can take a more active role in managing your health care.

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UPMC Children’s Community Pediatrics has been with you since before you can remember – and we’re here for you and your parents or guardians now as you grow into adulthood. Change can be hard, but your CCP care team is here to help create a transition plan just for you.

We encourage you to start talking with your pediatrician about your transition to adult care as early as 11-years-old. While you won’t be leaving your pediatrician’s office for some time, there are important steps you can take during your teenage years that will help you prepare for this transition.

We’ve also compiled a library of resources and step by step instructions to help make your transition to adult health care much easier.

Selecting an Adult Primary Care Provider

Step 1: Research adult health care providers near you.

  • Visit UPMC Find a Doctor to learn about family medicine or internal medicine primary care providers near you. You can also ask your CCP pediatrician for a recommendation.
  • Read about several UPMC providers and their specialties to ensure the office is good fit for you.
  • Confirm they offer convenience care options like online scheduling and video visits.
  • Make sure to consider the proximity of the office to your home or work.
  • Confirm the office has on-site parking and convenient office hours.

Step 2: Contact your medical insurance carrier to confirm the office you selected is covered.

  • Before selecting a new primary care provider, it’s important to confirm that your insurance plan is accepted.
  • Contact your medical insurance carrier using the member benefits phone number on the back of your insurance card. Since insurance plans vary, the best way to confirm if your insurance is accepted by your new physician is to ask the insurance carrier’s member service representative to verify your coverage.

Step 3: Schedule your first appointment with your new provider.

  • Use the phone numbers provided on the office website or visit UPMC Find a Doctor to schedule an appointment
  • It’s important to schedule an initial visit with any new care provider so you can review your medical history, get to know their personality, and make sure the provider and practice are a good fit for you.
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