CCP – Millcreek to merge with CCP – Hamot West

November 30, 2016

CCP – Millcreek is moving and merging with CCP – Hamot West on December 30, 2016 to become CCP – West Millcreek.

CCP – West Millcreek will operate out of the old CCP – Hamot West location, 4022 Zuck Road, and is only one mile away from the current CCP – Millcreek location.

While we may be altering our name, our dedication to providing exceptional pediatric care will not change. The providers our patients have come to know and trust, Robert Burns, MD and Tamara Murphy, PA-C from CCP – Millcreek and Andrea Fadrigo, MD will be a part of the staff at CCP – West Millcreek.