A Case for Playing Outside

Remember the days of going outside to play with other kids in the neighborhood? It may have been the time of day you looked forward to the most. Today, cell phones, laptops and tablets have sadly replaced some of that precious time outdoors for our own kids. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t encourage them to get outside more often. Here’s why.

Physical Health

Being outside is the best and safest place to run around, throw a ball in the air and so on. It’s one of the best and easiest ways for your child to get exercise and burn excess calories. Additionally, playing in the sun helps build Vitamin D which leads to stronger bones. Unfortunately, sitting on the couch on a tablet can’t do any of those things.

Mental Health

Going outside not only plays a major role in physical health, but mental health as well. Spending time outdoors is associated with improving one’s mood and overall happiness. Technically speaking, outdoor light stimulates the pineal gland which helps keep our immune system strong and boosts feelings of happiness.

Social Development

It’s important for your child to begin interacting with others from an early age. Having companions to play with builds social skills such as learning how to get along well with others and knowing how to share and take turns.

Boost in Creativity

Being outside in nature can inspire a child’s imagination and creativity. You never know—your child may surprise you on day when he or she comes back inside with a new idea for the next big invention.

The next time the weather is nice, encourage your child to put the tablet down for a while and enjoy the great outdoors. He or she might just discover that it’s enjoyable than technology…even if only for a fleeting moment.