Dos and Don’ts for Your Next Road Trip

Your late teens are a time to savor the end of high school and make the most of your time with friends before you head off to college. This is the perfect excuse to plan a road trip or two for the upcoming summer. Follow these dos and don’ts to stay safe and get the most out of your trip.


  • Make sure your gas tank is full before heading out
  • Take turns driving with a friend
  • Drive the speed limit
  • Bring snacks and water
  • Stop at a designated rest stop to stretch
  • Exchange emergency contacts with those you’re traveling with
  • Let your parents know your agenda and when you reach your destination
  • Carry extra cash for emergencies


  • Drive distracted or look at your phone
  • Wander off alone
  • Pick up a hitchhiker or a stranger
  • Continue driving if the weather is treacherous (pull over at the nearest exit)
  • Accept drinks from strangers
  • Skip out on applying sunscreen
  • Leave valuables out in the open. Use a lock box if possible or carry them with you
  • Venture far from your accommodations

If you practice these safety tips and remember to regularly check in with your parents, a road trip with your high school friends can create memories that will last a lifetime. We wish you an amazing summer.