Bicycle Helmet Safety

The first bike ride is an exciting milestone in your child’s life. But before you let go of the handlebars, make sure your child is equipped with the right helmet. Look for each of the following qualities when shopping for a safe helmet.


It’s extremely important to have your child try on different helmets for size. Buy the helmet that fits right now, not one that they will grow into. The fit should feel snug and secure.


The helmet should sit low on your child’s forehead without covering their eyes.

Chin Strap

The chin strap of the helmet should be adjusted to a snug fit. Make sure it’s not too tight to avoid strangling or cutting off circulation.


Have your child shake their head in the helmet. The helmet should never move around. If it does, you may need to consider sizing pads for the inside.

As your child grows, you’ll eventually need to replace their helmet. Other reasons to replace a helmet include a bike crash or a blow to the helmet, as it could be damaged or cracked. Keep an open dialogue with your child about the fit of their helmet and the importance of wearing it.

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