Tips for Supporting New Moms

If you know a new mom and think that she may be experiencing postpartum depression, your support and care may be key to recovery. Keep these tips in mind when helping a mom after the baby arrives:

  • Listen: If the mom feels comfortable talking about how she’s feeling, sit back and let her talk. Often times, just having the ability to talk through emotions in a judgment-free zone can help the process.
  • Lend a Hand: Many moms feel overwhelmed after bringing home their baby. Offering to watch the baby so she can sleep or have some time to herself can be extremely helpful. Picking up around the house, washing dishes or doing other usually ordinary tasks for the mom can ease some of the pressure.
  • Do Activities with the Mom: If the mom doesn’t push back, try completing activities with her instead of just for her. Whether that is going to a doctor’s appointment, running errands or getting some exercise, try doing things together so she feels your full support. Giving her a sense of accomplishment for completing a task, while also providing adult company, can make a difference.
  • Don’t Place Blame: This time can be trying for any relationship, but it’s important to not place blame. Don’t argue over how she is feeling or try to dictate her emotions. Only the mom truly knows what she is going through, so it’s important not to compare her to other women.
  • Be Patient: Postpartum depression does not go away overnight. As the weeks or months pass, remember to be patient and stand by the mom. Celebrate good, happy moments with her, and give a shoulder to cry on if that’s what she needs. Your presence alone will mean the world to her.

If you are caring for a mom going through postpartum depression, know that you can always reach out for help. Talk to a doctor or contact a support group if you have questions or concerns.