Screening Moms at Pediatric Visits

During the first year of your child’s life, you will see your pediatrician many times. While we are focused on providing care for your child, we are also there for our new moms and their support systems.

At UPMC Children's Community Pediatrics, we have screenings in place to help identity if a mom is experiencing postpartum depression. During the initial newborn visits, your pediatrician or another pediatric provider may ask you questions about your current thoughts, feelings and general mental health. This discussion helps us determine if you are feeling typical “Baby Blues,” or if you’re having a more difficult time.

If you are experiencing overwhelming or depressed thoughts, please know that our office staff is here to help you. We want what is best for your child, and that includes our moms feeling their best, too.

Remember, you can experience postpartum depression after the birth of your first child, or any child you may deliver thereafter. It can occur at any time, and we are here to explain treatment options and support you.

For our moms who may not be feeling depressed, please keep in mind that we screen every mom and nothing should be taken personally. UPMC CCP wants what is best for your child, your own health and your family’s overall happiness.