Think Before You Vape

You may not be picking up a traditional cigarette, but if you’re vaping, you’re still putting your health at risk. While you may perceive this form of smoking to be harmless, or at least less harmful than smoking a cigarette, think again.

You’re not avoiding nicotine.

While e-cigarettes are smoke-free and tobacco-free, not all are nicotine-free, even if they claim to be. Nicotine is the same drug found in cigarettes, and its addictive, toxic nature can have huge effects on your body. It can greatly harm your brain development, especially at a young age.

You’re inhaling unregulated ingredients.

Beyond nicotine, e-cigarettes can also contain other chemicals and heavy metals. Inhaling this foreign mixture into your lungs can be toxic. Research shows that vaping spurs unique immune responses and immune responses similar to that of cigarettes. Each time you vape, you’re essentially sending your immune system into attack mode.

You’re being careless with your future.

As a fairly new behavior, it is still unclear what the long-term effects of vaping may be on the body. However, considering it mirrors that of traditional smoking, just think what may be happening to your internal organs each time you inhale from an e-cigarette.

You’re being targeted.

The tobacco industry is coming after young adults, just like you, by selling you “fun flavors.” Whether fruit flavored or tobacco-flavored, the act of vaping is having the same effect on your body. Not to mention that many flavorings, while okay in food, are harmful when inhaled as opposed to being digested.