Signs of a Healthy Teen Relationship

As you become a teen, one subject that may make you nervous is dating. Entering into a romantic relationship may seem scary, but it is a normal and universal part of life. It is essential to recognize and learn how to develop healthy relationships with your family, friends and partners. This will influence your ability, now and throughout your life, to make safer decisions and to resist peer pressure when it comes to other risky behaviors.

When considering what a healthy relationship is, common features to look for are:

  • You continue to act like yourself, participating in the same activities and hanging out with familiar friends
  • You continue to express your opinions without your partner getting overly upset or jealous
  • You continue to make choices based on your own wants, needs and desires – and are not being controlled by the other individual
  • You continue to excel in academics, athletics or any other activities you may participate in
  • You continue to respect yourself, your partner, family and friends

This is one of the subjects that will be discussed at your yearly physical exam at your UPMC Children's Community Pediatrics doctor’s office. If you become concerned that you are not in a healthy relationship, talk to your doctor. He or she can provide guidance and resources to help you.