Be True, Be You: Looking Older or Younger Than You Actually Are

“Someday you’ll appreciate being told how young you look.” Sound familiar? The pressure to look older and more mature has inevitably been made worse by social media. “Instagram models” and celebrities have made the quest for perfection seem unattainable with the use of photo filters, heavy makeup and plastic surgery. It’s important to always keep in mind that no one actually looks as perfect as they do on social media. Additionally, just because someone has physically matured faster than you have doesn’t mean that you should think any less of yourself.

On the flipside, appearing to be older than you actually are can be equally as frustrating as feeling behind. In this case, you may find yourself more susceptible to things like unwanted sexual attention or increased pressure to drink or try drugs. Always stay true yourself and remember that you are your own advocate when it comes to your interests and chosen activities.

Self-esteem is something we all struggle with, no matter what age. Support is always available to you on those days when you can’t seem to shake feelings of doubt and unworthiness. Physical appearance should never dictate your opinion of yourself or the opinions of others. If you find yourself experiencing unwanted emotions or being bullied, talk to your parents or your pediatric provider for guidance.