So You Want to be a Babysitter

If you love being around kids, babysitting can be a great side job to have. But with watching someone small comes a great deal of responsibility. Make sure you’re practicing these safety tips before committing to a new babysitting gig.

Practice the basics.

  • Learn how to change a diaper
  • Know how to prepare age-appropriate snacks
  • Know what age-appropriate activities and toys are

Ask the important questions.

  • Do the kids have any allergies?
  • What time is bed time?
  • Are there any restricted activities or TV shows?
  • Where is the emergency contact information?

Know emergency protocol.

  • Know the difference between when to call the parent and when to call 911
  • If the home has a security system make sure you know how to use it

Take time for training.

  • Take a CPR class
  • Learn how to handle minor injuries, scrapes and bruises

Always, always communicate.

  • Make yourself available to the parents at all times
  • Be diligent in checking in via text and answering the phone

It may seem like a lot to handle, but a lot of babysitting knowledge is just using common sense and your best judgment. With caution and care, you’ll do a fantastic job taking care of the little ones. Enjoy!