About Navigating Teen Life

UPMC CCP is lucky to have an amazing group of Teen Ambassadors who are paving the way for other teens in the community. The ambassador program is made up of teens from all different backgrounds, interests and school districts throughout Pa.

Despite their many differences, our teen ambassadors all have something in common: being a teen. They each have faced, or are currently facing, things like: puberty, bullying, peer pressure, anxiety, and more.

We launched the program so that teens like you would have a place to go to have your questions answered about teen-specific issues. The good, the bad and the awkward. When you want answers, simply turn to our YouTube channelNavigating Teen Life library, or @navigatingteenlife (Instragram). You’ll also have a chance to see our teen ambassadors out and about in the community.

Meet the Ambassadors

Anna, 19

Anna, UPMC CCP Teen AmbassadorMost likely to binge watch a whole season in a day

You won’t be surprised that Anna wants to be a pediatric surgeon someday because her favorite subject in school is anatomy. Her hobbies are playing tennis, shopping and volunteering in the community. She can be described as intelligent, goofy and caring. Anna gets a lot of motivation from her favorite YouTuber, America Revere, who is actually a med student herself.

Gabbie, 19

Gabbie, UPMC CCP Teen AmbassadorMost likely to move to New York

Gabbie is creative and talented in her hobbies, which include acting, dancing and photography. Energetic and hard-working, she hopes to one day turn her passions into a career in acting or performing. Her favorite subject in school is photography. In the summer, Gabbie loves to visit sunny California, particularly Laguna Beach.

Julia, 19

Julia, UPMC CCP Teen AmbassadorMost likely to be found baking a loaf of bread

Julia describes herself as friendly and curious, which will serve her well in her future career in advertising. She has a way with words, which explains why her favorite subject in school is English. Julia possesses both athletic skills and creative ones. She enjoys playing tennis, the piano and reading a new book in her spare time. In the summertime, she can be found on a beach somewhere (most likely Martha’s Vineyard)!

Nadia, 19

Nadia, UPMC CCP Teen AmbassadorMost likely to buy something impractical (but probably worth it!)

Nadia is super athletic and naturally loves to be active. Her favorite time at school is gym class. In her spare time, she loves to skim board or hit the ski slopes. Ask her about her Fantasy Football lineup. Between her love of QB1: Beyond the Lights and the YouTube channel, Deestroying, you’ll always find her involved in sports. In the future, Nadia envisions herself becoming an entrepreneur.

Zion, 19

Zion, UPMC CCP Teen AmbassadorMost likely to get up and dance for no reason

While it may be up for debate as academic, Zion's favorite subject in school is lunch. He's outgoing and loves to make people laugh. In his spare time, he enjoys going to church, listening to music and watching YouTube videos. In the future, Zion wants to either go into nursing or become an actor. You may catch Zion's younger brother, Jayden, on our channel – the two brothers joined our Teen Ambassador program together.

Austin, 18

Austin, UPMC CCP Teen AmbassadorMost likely to make a complete fool out of himself to make someone laugh

Austin’s favorite time of year is “spooky season,” so it’s safe to say his Halloween costume is always a fan favorite. Speaking of spooky, his go-to TV show is American Horror Story. In addition to watching TV, Austin enjoys reading, listening to music and spending a lot of time on the computer watching YouTubers Cody Ko and David Dobrik. In the future, Austin wants to become an OB/GYN physician.

Charlie, 18

Charlie, UPMC CCP Teen AmbassadorMost likely to become a doctor

Charlie is determined to succeed as a doctor one day, so it's no surprise he excels in the sciences (especially Chemistry!) He loves to laugh with friends and doesn't take himself too seriously. In his spare time, Charlie enjoys track and field, lifting in the weight room and going fishing. His favorite vacation spot is the Outer Banks.

Chloe, 18

Chloe, UPMC CCP Teen AmbassadorMost likely to be making a YouTube video

In her spare time, Chloe enjoys singing, video editing and snowboarding. She hopes to one day turn her editing skills into a career as a Video Editor, or something media-related. She and her family recently rescued a kitten name Ivy who she loves to spend time with. Chloe's favorite seasons are both summer and fall, but she finds summer the most enjoyable for going to her ideal vacation spot—the beach.

Jane, 18

Jane, UPMC CCP Teen AmbassadorMost likely to be found on a mission trip in Africa

You could say Jane is a cat whisperer as she comes from a three-cat household! She describes herself as caring and dedicated, which is why she plans to pursue her BSN in Nursing after graduating from high school. In her spare time, Jane enjoys spending time with her church youth group, playing a game of tennis or making art. On YouTube, she loves to watch Scrubby describe the latest trends on the internet.

Niyah, 18

Niyah, UPMC CCP Teen AmbassadorMost likely to become the youngest billionaire

Niyah thrives the most in the wintertime because not only is it the holiday season, but she gets to celebrate her birthday as well. She also enjoys fall fashion and dressing in sweaters and scarves. In her spare time, Niyah immerses herself in many talents including singing, writing and cheerleading. In the future, she wants to become a plastic surgeon because she enjoys helping others feel confident in themselves.

Katie, 17

Katie, UPMC CCP Teen AmbassadorMost likely to live near the beach

Katie is a born performer. In her free time, she can be found at ballet, playing in her school’s marching band or rehearsing for a musical theater show. Her favorite vacation spot is Disney World and her favorite TV show is Stranger Things. She aspires to be an orthodontist and loves English class. Her favorite YouTuber to watch is Mya Benway, for makeup and style inspiration.

Kiran, 17

Kiran, UPMC CCP Teen AmbassadorMost likely to freak out over a spider

Kiran has a well-rounded mix of hobbies including musical theater, basketball and binge watching his favorite shows on TV, like Grey’s Anatomy. In school, his favorite subject is math, which will help towards his future aspirations to have a career in engineering or business. Kiran describes himself as hard-working, social and funny, and he loves a good laugh from his favorite YouTubers, Good Mythical Morning. His favorite place to vacation is Spring Lake, New Jersey.

Natalia, 17

Natalia, UPMC CCP Teen AmbassadorMost likely to be a travel blogger

Natalia is an outgoing teenager who loves to travel. But she doesn't travel just anywhere – her favorite vacation spot is South Africa. Natalia also plays tennis and enjoys modeling. She loves to watch Ryan Trahan on YouTube and her favorite TV show is The Good Place. In the future, Natalia hopes to become a dermatologist.

Sydney, 17

Sydney, UPMC CCP Teen AmbassadorMost likely to brighten your day

Sydney has a Yorkie named Cujo and six chickens, so you could say her home life is nothing short of interesting. Her hobbies include playing the piano, cheerleading and spending time outdoors. She aspires to be an ophthalmologist or chiropractor, and her favorite subject in school is history. She enjoys following Shane Dawson on YouTube and watching Impractical Jokers on TV.

Gabriella, 16

Gabriella, UPMC CCP Teen AmbassadorMost likely to belt out a musical theater song

Gabriella comes from a big family including 2 brothers and 2 dogs. She loves to spend her time indulging in her favorite creative hobbies, which include singing, dancing and acting. She hopes to one day turn her passions into a career in musical theater. In school, her favorite subject is history. She describes herself as both bubbly and funny, so it’s no surprise she enjoys an occasional laugh from her favorite YouTuber, David Dobrick. Gabriella’s favorite place to travel is New York City.

Madeline, 16

Madeline, UPMC CCP Teen AmbassadorMost likely to break out into song and dance at any given moment

Madeline is a girl of many talents. She can sing and play the guitar and she also enjoys a round of tennis. If she doesn't become an engineer (her favorite subject is math!) she would love to land a role on Broadway. Madeline's favorite show is Beverly Hills, 90210, so it's no surprise her favorite place to vacation is sunny California.

Maya, 16

Maya, UPMC CCP Teen AmbassadorMost likely to burst out laughing

Joining the UPMC CCP Teen Ambassador Program was just one of the ways Maya could get in front of an audience. She is also involved in as many musical theater productions as she can get her hands on. When she’s not on stage, you can find her playing the ukulele or shopping. Maya loves to take in the cooler days of fall and watch the leaves turn, but when she goes on vacation, she heads south to Miami, Florida. Maya’s dream career is Broadway, but really she just wants to be happy doing something she loves.

Aron, 15

Aron, UPMC CCP Teen AmbassadorMost likely to win an Oscar for Best Motion Picture

Aron has three pets, most notably a fish named after Dr. Mendelson of UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. Dr. Mendelson performed surgery when Aron broke his elbow. In his free time, he likes to play video games, watch YouTube (especially CallMeKevin!) and act in various musicals. In the future, Aron aspires to have a creative career as film director or a music producer.

Madison, 15

Madison, UPMC CCP Teen AmbassadorMost likely to start a new trend

Madison has a lot of musical talent ranging from playing the trumpet in band to being involved in musical theater productions. She also has an interest in travel and loves to watch the adventures of her favorite YouTubers, DK4L. Her favorite vacation spot is San Diego, California. In the future, Madison aspires to be either an actress, engineer or graphic designer.

Izzy, 14

Izzy, UPMC CCP Teen AmbassadorMost likely to be hungry

Izzy lives an active life. There's not a lot that she can't do! Between dancing, cheerleading and swimming, her time is filled with fun activities. She is also a whiz with numbers and considers math her favorite subject. In the future, Izzy plans to be a labor and delivery nurse following in the footsteps of her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother who were all nurses.

Finn, 14

Finn, UPMC CCP Teen AmbassadorMost likely to win a unicycling contest

Outside of being a brand ambassador on our YouTube Channel, Finn loves to create content for his own channel, Finnovation. You can see where he gets his innovative spirit, since his favorite YouTube channel to watch is King of Random. He can also be found swimming or practicing his martial arts moves. Finn aspires to be an engineer or a doctor someday.

Sarina, 14

Sarina, UPMC CCP Teen AmbassadorMost likely to become famous 

Sarina’s favorite subject is science, which is why she loves tuning in to BRIGHT SIDE on YouTube for the latest discoveries. She also enjoys swimming, reading and volunteering in her church. Her favorite place to vacation in the summer is Myrtle Beach. In the future, Sarina aspires to become an actress.



Avery, UPMC CCP Teen AmbassadorMost likely to know all of the lyrics to every song

Avery’s favorite time of year is the fall because it's her birthday and Halloween. She lives an active life and has many talents including rowing, acting and juggling. She describes herself as inclusive and has many friends. At home, Avery enjoys spending time with her dwarf rabbit named Henry. She aspires to have a career in the science field in the future.


Jackson, UPMC CCP Teen AmbassadorMost likely to end up on the big screen

Jackson was born to be a star. Aside from starring in our YouTube videos, he spends a lot of his free time acting. He also has an interest in filmmaking, and aspires to be a full-time actor or filmmaker one day. Outgoing and creative, we can't picture him as anything less. When on YouTube, Jackson likes to watch 8BitRyan for video game tips—another one of his hobbies.


Jayden, UPMC CCP Teen AmbassadorMost likely to grow up to be a football player

Jayden may be one of our youngest Teen Ambassadors, but he has a huge personality. He is a sports fanatic and loves football in particular. His favorite thing to watch on TV is the NFL Network and he hopes to someday be a professional football player. When he's not involved in football, you can find him hanging out with friends or watching his favorite YouTube channel, Ssundee. Catch both Jayden and his older brother, Zion, in our Navigating Teen Life videos.


Micah, UPMC CCP Teen AmbassadorMost likely to put his foot in his mouth (figuratively speaking)

Micah is the creative type. His favorite subject in school is video production, which is starting to prepare him for a future career in the film or television industry. In his spare time, he enjoys playing video games, listening to music and creating memes. Be on the lookout for the next viral meme, it just might be the product of Micah’s creativity.


Ruby, UPMC CCP Teen AmbassadorMost likely to travel the world

When Ruby isn’t busy at home with her two dogs and two brothers, she loves to ride her bike, play the piano and hang out with friends. Her favorite subject in school is history, but she aspires to be a nurse. Her favorite YouTuber to watch is Shane Dawson, who's always uncovering a conspiracy theory. Ruby loves the crisp air and colorful leaves in the fall.


Sydney, UPMC CCP Teen AmbassadorMost likely to memorize an entire movie script

Sydney has such a diverse range of interests that you’ll always find her doing something different. She enjoys writing, building with wood and learning Japanese. When she's hanging out on YouTube, she loves to watch Vikkstar123 videos, and if she takes a vacation you can bet she's going somewhere cold because winter is her favorite season. Sydney is a vegetarian and a self-proclaimed goof. But don't let her sarcastic, quirky personality fool you because her future career aspirations are to become a forensic worker.