Exceptional Treatment, Always

Man holding child

CCP has treated my children for several illnesses and injuries for over five years. My wife and I could not be happier with the care and compassion that CCP provides our family with every visit. It starts when the staff answers our phone call and ends with the care provided by the health professionals. The staff at CCP is very kind, understanding, and always treats us as if we are a part of their family.

I was especially pleased with the care that my six-year-old son received when he had pneumonia. He saw Dr. Cohen on a Friday morning, received blood work, and was instructed to wait for a call with the lab results. I was expecting a call back Monday morning, but that same day Dr. Cohen called me with the lab results, a diagnosis, and a plan of care. I am so grateful for the commitment and concern that their physicians have for my children. Thanks CCP – for being a part of our family.

Mike, CCP – South Hills Pediatric Associates

Kris appreciates CCP’s pediatricians and their willingness to help her just as much as they help her daughter.
For Angela’s family, a routine well visit and a close examination changed their son’s life.
Julie is always thrilled to have a knowledge, sweet nurse answering her questions and concerns.