Taking Time and Making Connections

Owen and Dr. Stewart at CCP - Pittsburgh Pediatrics

We have been seeing Dr. Stewart at the CCP – Pittsburgh Pediatrics Wexford location for about 3 years now. He has seen us through two rounds of ear tubes with our son, Shane (age 4), and countless other first-time parent needs.

That said, when we had our son, Owen, last fall at 36 weeks of gestation, he was amazingly helpful. By our 2-month visit, Dr. Stewart quickly recognized signs and symptoms of torticollis in Owen and referred us to both Alliance for Infants and Toddlers (Early Intervention) and to the Cranial Facial Clinic at Children's Hospital.

We were able to get Owen enrolled in services promptly and through aggressive repositioning, avoided the need for a helmet to correct his plagiocephaly. We were also able to get the added support we needed to monitor Owen's development for asymmetry, and through TEIS, get amazing guidance on strengthening techniques.

Long story summarized, because Dr. Stewart took that time to help us get connected, we were able to intervene early and avoid medical intervention for Owen. We couldn't be more appreciative.

Jessica, CCP – Pittsburgh Pediatrics

Kris appreciates CCP’s pediatricians and their willingness to help her just as much as they help her daughter.
Julie is always thrilled to have a knowledge, sweet nurse answering her questions and concerns.
Dr. Kelly went above and beyond to check in on a sick patient who had been hospitalized.