Navigating Teen Life Sessions

Throughout the event, there will be a variety of sessions available that cover a range of topics. Some sessions are aimed solely at teens or solely at parents, and a few sessions are open to both audiences. Each session will feature open discussion and insights from our experts.

Just for teens

Are you actually hungry?

Kris Rudolph, RDN
Have you ever noticed you start eating just because someone else is? Or, you’re watching TV and just like that, you’ve finished an entire bag of chips? Learn how to identify mindless eating and what strategies you can implement to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Laughter Yoga

Yukiko Giho, MSN, CRNP
Never underestimate the power of a laugh! Voluntary laughter provides the same physiological and psychological benefits as spontaneous laughter. Let’s have some fun while we combine laughter with deep yoga breathing.

Preparing for the Next Chapter

Loreta Matheo, MD
What does life look like after high school? Whether you’re heading off to a four-year college, attending a tech school or entering the workforce, get helpful advice and insights on making a smooth transition into life’s next chapter.

The Power of Breathing

Colleen Gianneski, LCSW and Megan McGraw, LCSW
When school or your social life becomes overwhelming, you may find yourself in a stressful situation. Learn how to manage this stress and decompress through specialized breathing techniques.

Caring for your Largest Organ: Your Skin

Douglas Kress, MD
Acne affects so many teenagers, both physically and emotionally. Learn how to care for your skin and get the care you need. You’ll also learn about the dangers of tanning beds, sun damage and other skin concerns.

Finding the Strength to Speak Up

Colleen Gianneski, LCSW and Megan McGraw, LCSW
Unfortunately, no matter your age, you’ll have to deal with bullies. Whether they’re teasing you to your face or talking about you behind your back, learn to manage bullies and make yourself heard.

Building Healthy Relationships

Bradley Kramer, MD
From friendships to love interests, siblings to parents, relationships can have their ups and downs. Gain insights on interacting with others and building healthy relationships.

Giving Back & Getting Involved

Christine Hall, MD
Do you know the power of your voice and that you can affect change in your own community? Get ideas on how to stay involved in your neighborhood and other volunteer opportunities that allow you to give back.

Just for parents

Social Media: You and Your Teen

MarketSpace Communications and Pamela Schoemer, MD
Like, comment, follow, post – the world of social media is constantly changing, and chances are your teen is utilizing each platform a bit differently. Gain a better understanding of the platforms available, and learn a few tips on social media behavior – both for you and your teenager.

Dissecting their Diet: Dos and Don’ts

Kris Rudolph, RDN
“Just take a bite” may be a phrase every parent is used to saying when it comes to their child’s diet, but it’s important you know when to be concerned and when to back off a bit. Do you perceive your child’s diet correctly? Find out.

Building Relationships with Providers 

Abigail Schlesinger, MD
As your children age, it is vital that they become more involved in managing their own health care. By giving your teenager more control now, they will be prepared—and more willing—to take care of themselves when they enter the “real world.”

For both audiences

Stop the Scroll Before You Sleep

Jessica Levenson, PhD
In today’s always-on world, it’s hard to turn off. This is especially true when it’s time to get some rest. Hear how scrolling through Instagram or Facebook can greatly affect your sleep and ways to curb bad habits to get a good night’s rest.

Learning to Ask for Help

Ana Radovic, MD, MSC
Relationships, homework, sports and other activities can become a lot to handle. While learning to cope with worried or sad feelings is part of growing up, sometimes they can become serious and need to be addressed. Learn about identifying mental health issues and when to speak up and get help.

Risks Behind the Wheel

Chris Vitale, MSN, RN
Before you start driving, or get in the car with a friend, do you know the risk factors at hand? Some things you can control – like texting and driving, or driving under the influence – but other risk factors are uncontrollable. Learn how to manage all types of risks and what to do in dangerous situations.

Taking Control of Your Anxiety

Angelina Gradian, MS, LPC
Worrying about the future or stressing about an upcoming test is common, but do you ever feel like the anxiety is starting to become unmanageable? If so, learn how to identity and manage your anxiety in the future.

The Awk Talks

Panel Discussion, featuring Kelly Heidenreich, MDLoreta Matheo, MD, Abigail Schlesinger, MD,  Pamela Schoemer, MD, David Wolfson, MD, and Kris Rudolph, RDN
Join us as we take the “awk” out of awkward. During the event, you can submit anonymous “awkward questions” that will be answered by our providers. We’ll also discuss some hot button topics that shouldn’t be shied away from.